What Is The New Cellulite Treatment, Qwo?

A new anti-cellulite product has just hit the market, just in time for summer. Qwo is an injectable treatment for cellulite that has been spotted in many doctors’ offices across the country. You might be curious about this cellulite treatment. We’ll be able to answer all your questions with the assistance of Dr. Joel Schlessinger (a board-certified dermatologist who also served as LovelySkin CEO during Qwo’s clinical trials).

  • Qwo: What’s the latest cellulite treatment?
  • How does Qwo cellulite injections works
  • How long does Qwo cellulite injects last
  • What are Qwo’s cellulite injection treatments?
  • What is the difference between Qwo & other anti-cellulite treatment?

Where can I find Qwo cellulite treatment?

Dr. Schlessinger is thrilled to offer Qwo cellulite treatment shots as an addition to his existing anti-cellulite treatment options. He says, “Truly this is a gamechanger.” “I was part of Qwo’s trials, which involved one of the largest enrollment groups in the country. I am excited to see how this product will benefit our patients.”
What is the Qwo Cellulite Treatment? Qwo, a prescription injectable that’s injected into skin using a needle, contains enzymes called collasases. The FDA has approved it to treat moderate-severe cellulite in the buttocks for adult women.

What does Qwo do?

The doctor will inject Qwo in each cellulite dimple using a small needle and a syringe. Qwo contains collagenase enzymes that reduce cellulite appearance by dissolving fibrous bands which cause cellulite’s dull look.
Your doctor will decide your treatment plan. However, you can expect to receive a maximum twelve injections in up to two areas (one buttock for each treatment area). A second visit will be scheduled twenty-one day later. The third visit will take place twenty-one more days later.

How long does Qwo last?

Qwo’s studies have been monitoring patients for ninety day. The jury is still out as to how long these effects will last.
What are the risks of Qwo Qwo claims that the most common side effect are “injection site swelling, pain, redness and discoloration, as well as itching, redness, pain, areas hardness, itching, itching, redness and warmth in the treated area”.

What is Qwo’s comparison to other anti-cellulite procedures?

There are many cellulite treatments available on the market, ranging from topical creams to in office procedures. Each has varying degrees of effectiveness and invasiveness.
Dr. Schlessinger states that anti-cellulite creams containing caffeine are the most effective, but least invasive. They can temporarily give you smoother skin but they don’t change the structure beneath your skin that causes cellulite.
Qwo is more gentle than other in-office treatments like Cellfina, which uses a microblade, and Cellulaze (powered with lasers). Dr. Schlessinger explains that Qwo appears to chemically remove the fibrous bands that lead to cellulite. Cellfina or Cellulaze sever these bands physically.
Another difference is that Qwo can only be used to treat cellulite on the buttocks. Cellfina or Cellulaze are also approved by the FDA.

How can I get the Anti-Cellulite Shot Qwo?

Qwo now has access to doctors’ offices including Dr. Schlessinger practices in Omaha, Nebraska. Talk to your doctor to determine if you are a good candidate for Qwo. Also, discuss the risks and side effects.
Dr. Schlessinger states that the most promising area is the indented areas of the buttock. However, there are many other areas that could be improved. “I will decide the best path forward for you when we meet as patients. You will also get the best results because I do all of my injections.
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