Catering an Event With Attendees of Diverse Religions

Men and women hire catering services in Singapore for a broad range of events. Some need to provide lunch for a business meeting with just 10 attendees, while others want a delicious wedding dinner served to guests numbering more than 100. They appreciate being able to choose from an extensive menu and having at least a few different main course options available for the people attending their event.

Singapore Religious Diversity

The population of Singapore is diverse when it comes to religion, more so than is true for many other countries. No one religion dominates the way that, for instance, Christianity dominates in the United States. This can make arranging a big event somewhat complicated in regard to the food choices. Some faiths are quite strict about certain foods the followers are supposed to avoid eating.

Relevant Statistics

In Singapore, Buddhism is the most prevalent faith system, with about 33 percent of the population identifying as Buddhist. Close to 20 percent identify as Christian, while a similar percentage of people say they are not religious. Fourteen percent are Muslim and 5 percent Hindu.

Examples of Dietary Requirements

Christians generally do not have religious-based dietary restrictions, but Islam and Hinduism have specific dietary guidelines. For instance, Muslims are not supposed to eat pork, and Hindus are not supposed to eat beef. Buddhists commonly are vegetarian, and many Hindus also avoid meat altogether.

Satisfying All of the Attendees

Explaining the faith-based demographics of the attendees to the catering service will help with the development of an appropriate menu. This menu will satisfy everyone planning to attend and make sure nobody feels left out with the food choices.

One safe strategy is to offer at least a couple of vegetarian main course options. The menu might not include any red meat and instead include a dinner featuring fish and another featuring chicken. Only certain species of fish are considered halal, which is a requirement of the Muslim diet. Choosing a caterer who guarantees the inclusion of halal food would be desirable. The event planner might decide to have a buffet instead of a formal sit-down dinner under these circumstances.